Filling Stomachs and Feeding Souls in Crown Heights for 20 Years

Good people and good food. That’s what a passerby will find on the third Saturday of each month in front of the Bedford-Atlantic Armory Men’s Shelter on Bedford Avenue in Crown Heights, where Mirlande Noel and her family, along with some volunteers, set up tables to feed the homeless, provide clothes and offer some solace.

Together We Can End Hunger and Homelessness

by Crystal Teresa WolfeFrom Scriptures we know we all have a purpose under heaven. We are born to use our gifts to help others and to glorify God. Because God wastes nothing, we are also meant to transform and transcend our painful experiences and circumstances for the benefit of others. When we know there is suffering and injustice around us, I believe we can be used as God’s hands on this earth to alleviate that suffering. Hope can be found in the solutions, and every problem has a solution.

Friars and Nuns from Brazil Feed Los Angeles’ Homeless

“We live for the poor,” Friar Benjamin told Angelus, the online news outlet of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. “We always go to the worst areas of the cities, places where you find more violence, drugs, gangs, prostitution, you name it.”

New Charities Residence Named for Bishop Daily

In a rare public appearance, Bishop Emeritus Thomas V. Daily was present for the dedication April 5 of the new Brooklyn Residence named in his honor sponsored by Catholic Charities.

A Winter’s Tale on a Street In New York City

“Hurt, Hungry, Homeless. Need Food, Money, LOVE” (followed by a large heart drawn in bold marker) read the cardboard sign flat on the sidewalk. A dirty, disheveled man of indeterminate age lay next to the sign as the sun was setting on Mercer St. near Washington Square on a recent cold evening.

Net-TV Documentary Will Be Screened at Vail Film Festival

NET-TV’s original documentary “Shelter in the City” has been accepted at the 13th Annual Vail Film Festival to take place April 7-10 in Vail, Colo. The entry marks the first time a NET-TV production will be featured at a major film festival.

Living the Gospel Message

Dear Editor: I would like to thank Rita M. Murphy for those most kind words (Readers’ Forum, Sept. 26) to my letter to The Tablet (Sept. 9) concerning my experiences with homelessness. It is most heartwarming to hear from people like yourself with what you have done to help the homeless. I hope and pray […]