Ministering Heart-to-Heart For 20 Years

It was another typical heart-to-heart ministry party in June in Sullivan Hall at North American Martyrs parish, Bayside – prayer, good food, special needs individuals and small groups from all over the diocese, music, more prayer and dancing flowing together naturally, plus a couple of bishops (Bishops Chapetto and Valero) and, of course, a Beatles song by Father Tom Pettei. “A good time was had by all” would be an understatement because all the love and joy of any Heart-to-Heart gathering was even more intense in this quasi-liturgical celebration.

Tablet TALK: Red Nose Day at Jamaica School

This week’s Tablet TALK highlights Heart to Heart Ministry’s 20th anniversary; announces a novena of Masses for the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; invites young marrieds to a Post-Cana Couple Day and more.