Maureen Pratt

Coming Full Circle With Laughter

My first column was about taking laughter seriously. As a kickoff to this 10th anniversary, I thought I’d revisit the subject of how laughter might impact our lives and health, particularly through the prism of medical practice and science.

Anemia Has Many Different Causes

Dear Dr. Garner, I am 54 years old and, up until now, have been in pretty good health. I noticed lately that I have been short of breath with tiredness all the time. My heart beats irregularly. I went to the doctor, and he took a blood test and told me that I am anemic. […]

Dr. Steven Garner

Sleepless Nights Mean Increased Stroke Risk

Dear Dr. Garner, I know that in previous columns you suggested getting eight hours of sleep per night was best. However, it’s just impossible for me. I have three children, ages 10, eight and seven, who need constant help with homework and all the other things that young children need.

Eye Irritation May Be Due to Dryness

Dear Dr. Garner, I am really exasperated. Every day, particularly in the late afternoon, I get a stinging or burning in my eyes. My eyelids feel so heavy. I have a hard time sitting at the computer or reading as much as I would like. My eyes get tired and I tend to fall asleep. […]

Dr. Steven Garner

Alternative Remedies For Arthritis Pain

I have terrible arthritis pain. I have tried medications and they just don’t seem to work. What else can I do? Can you please help me? Aching in Astoria

Dr. Steven Garner

Heart Attacks Affect Women Differently

I am 70 years old and last week, I got the shock of my life. While walking to the grocery store, I started getting pain in my left arm and I felt nauseous. Someone on the street saw me and called an ambulance. At the hospital, I was diagnosed with a heart attack.

Dr. Steven Garner

Being Left-Handed Is All Right

Dear Dr. Garner, I am concerned about my son. He is 6 years old and we found out recently that he is left-handed. Will this hinder him throughout life? I read an article that he will live nine to 10 years fewer than an average right-hander. Is it appropriate to switch his left-handedness to right-handedness? […]

Dr. Steven Garner

Dress Properly In Cold Weather

Dear Dr. Garner, Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do with your column and the TV show. My mother used to tell me not to go out with a wet head because I would get a cold. I now have children of my own and I find I’m saying the same to them. So […]