Eye Irritation May Be Due to Dryness

Dear Dr. Garner, I am really exasperated. Every day, particularly in the late afternoon, I get a stinging or burning in my eyes. My eyelids feel so heavy. I have a hard time sitting at the computer or reading as much as I would like. My eyes get tired and I tend to fall asleep. […]

Brooklyn Nuns Are on A Mission in Guyana

Brooklyn Nuns Are on a Mission in Guyana

Sister Karen Schneider, an ER pediatrician, and Sister Mary McGrory, a psychologist and RN from Brooklyn, regularly travel to Haiti and Guyana to provide medical care.

Two Sees Get Temporary Relief from ACA Mandate

A decision by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito temporarily halted enforcement of the federal contraceptive mandate against Catholic Charities and other social service agencies in the dioceses of Pittsburgh and Erie.

Staying Hydrated Can Prevent Kidney Stones

Dear Dr. Garner, Last week, I had the worst pain of my life. I went to the doctor, and it turned out to be kidney stones. While I am free of stones now, should I expect a recurrence anytime soon? What can I do to prevent future stones? Kidney Stones and Moans in Midwood

Dr. Steven Garner

Sleep Terrors Can Be A Real Nightmare

Dear Dr. Garner, I have the strangest problem. I wake up at night scared and sweating. I often scream at my husband when sleeping. I have no idea why. I don’t remember having a nightmare.

Dr. Steven Garner

Alternative Remedies For Arthritis Pain

I have terrible arthritis pain. I have tried medications and they just don’t seem to work. What else can I do? Can you please help me? Aching in Astoria

Keeping Catholic Schools Catholic

Will the Church be allowed to staff its schools with teachers who teach and live what the Catholic Church believes, or will the state try to coerce Catholic schools to employ teaching staff according to other criteria?

Dr. Steven Garner

Addiction to Food Can Be Controlled

I am so upset about my son. He is a good-looking boy but he weighs about 250 pounds and is only 5 feet 5 inches tall. He can’t keep his weight down and he always wants food. It’s almost as though he is addicted. If he doesn’t have it, he starts to act crazy. Can you please help my family?

Judges’ Ruling Threatens Church’s Freedom

A three-judge panel’s Feb. 11 ruling on a court challenge to the contraceptive mandate “says that the church is no longer free to practice what we preach,” Pittsburgh Bishop David A. Zubik said.