Long Day’s Journeys Need Pro-Life Light

Looking into the soft brown eyes of a young girl who had seemed destined not to live made me shudder for a moment. Shudder for how easily this nation has allowed so many, many beautiful girls and handsome boys to literally miss seeing the light of day.

Putting Talent and Efforts In What Matters Most

The Church has designated the penultimate Sunday in October to promote the missions —this year World Mission Sunday falls on October 18th. World Mission Sunday is celebrated not only in the U.S. but globally; homilies are often given describing the work done in distant places, and sometimes there are appeals made for young people to consider a missionary vocation.

Can Rings for Civil Wedding Be Blessed?

In most cases, Catholics know very well about their obligation to have their wedding in the church and that the civil wedding is only for mundane legality. I understand that those who resort to a wedding before a civil authority have various reasons for their decision.

Divine Providence

One of the most encouraging truths of Christian faith is that God is providential. We are never alone. God accompanies us on every step that we take. I find the truth that God is providential, that God is leading history and each one of us to a deeper relationship with God, is one of the most consoling Christian doctrines but also one of the most mysterious.

Holy Name of Mary

Vienna and Christian Europe had been saved from its greatest enemy. Soon afterward in appreciation of Our Lady’s intercession in obtaining such a great victory, Pope Innocent XI declared September 12th to be celebrated as the feast of the Holy Name of Mary.

‘The Heavens Declare The Glory of God…’

In his “Life of St. Augustine,” the 5th-century bishop Possidius tells us that the greatest of the Latin Doctors of the Church, knowing that his earthly end was near, had four penitential psalms copied and hung on the walls of his room.