GOP’s Sliwa Awaits Mayoral Opponent 

The city’s first Election Day using ranked-choice voting is in the books, but the final chapter has yet to be written. Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa won the Republican Party nomination for mayor in the June 22 primary — topping Fernando Mateo, 68.92% to 26.90%, according to the Board of Elections.

Thanks to Curtis Sliwa and The Guardian Angels

Dear Editor: I would like to praise Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels for stepping up patrols in Jewish neighborhoods because of anti-Semitic crimes in these areas and especially in Brooklyn (“New York’s Guardian Angels Bolster Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods,” Jan. 25).

New York’s Guardian Angels Bolster Presence in Jewish Neighborhoods

Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, a volunteer organization known for patrolling New York City’s subways in the 1980s, never left the streets, but he and his group are back in a more prominent role, because of the spree of anti-Semitic crimes that have hit the area during the last month.