God’s Christmas Gift Is Unconditional Love

After reading several pages of Thomas Moore’s recent book “The Soul Of Christmas,” I stopped to gaze out the window. I was seated by the window on the upper level of the Megabus on its southbound journey to Philadelphia. It was mid-December as I travelled to visit my nephew, Christopher, for an overnight in the City of Brotherly Love.

Hearing the Whispers Of God’s Love

How is God calling you? Start with the advice that Pope Francis offers. It’s where the story of Elijah leaves off: “Listen to God’s still, small voice in your heart where God loves to talk with us and embrace us in His Love.”

Carol Powell

Two June Feasts Celebrate God’s Love

by Carol Powell

THERE ARE TWO feast days in June that illustrate so beautifully the essence of who God really is. I am referring to the feasts of Corpus Christi and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

God’s Creative Love Embraces All Life

Fourth in a series

REGULAR READERS of this column know I teach philosophy at St. John’s University, and much of what appears in this column is a mixture of philosophy and theology.