Was His Quick Trip to Germany Pope Benedict’s Last Cameo?

Joseph Ratzinger, better known as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, now at the ripe age of 93, is scheduled to return to Rome this morning after a quick trip to Regensburg to visit his ailing 96-year-old brother – a trip which, given his increasing frailty and desire to keep a low profile, has been described by many observers as his last ‘cameo’.

Father Alessandro Linardi

Father Alessandro Linardi, 35, began his worldly travels in childhood, but the Holy Land captured his heart so profoundly that he gave himself completely to the One Who called him there.

German Cardinal Denounces Migrants’ Violence

Hundreds of sexual assaults committed against German women by migrants in a single night “can in no way be tolerated,” said the president of the German bishops’ conference.

Bishops Are Preparing for Synod

The presidents of the bishops’ conferences of Germany, France and Switzerland organized a study day in Rome to discuss issues likely to be raised at the Synod of Bishops on the Family.

The Lights Are On in Berlin

An image of Mary and the Christ Child is projected on the facade of a hotel during the opening day of the Festival of Light in Berlin Oct. 9. Several landmarks and tourist spots in the German capital will be illuminated from Oct. 9 to Oct. 20.

In Germany, If You Stop Paying Church Tax, Stop Receiving the Sacraments

WARSAW, Poland (CNS) – The German bishops’ conference defended a controversial decree that said Catholics who stop paying a church membership tax cannot receive sacraments. “There must be consequences for people who distance themselves from the church by a public act,” said Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg, conference president, in defending the Sept. 20 decree. […]

German Exchange Students Visit the Prep

Students from St. Francis Prep, Fresh Meadows, spent three weeks in Germany this past August. Through the Prep’s German Exchange program, these students partnered with the Albert Einstein Shule in Maintal, Germany. Prep students took classes there and lived with the families of their partner students. They also hiked along the Rhine River and traveled […]