Sex, Gambling and The Internet, Vatican Tackles Dependencies

Representatives from the Vatican are joining forces with scientific experts to address the problem of drugs and a rise in what have been dubbed “new dependencies,” including addictions to sex, the internet and gambling.

Anti-Gambling Program Available To Diocesan Schools Students

The Department of Education, Diocese of Brooklyn Drug Abuse Prevention Program, also known as The Program for the Development of Human Potential (PDHP), has partnered with the New York Council on Problem Gambling to carry out the YOU(th) Decide projects in Brooklyn and Queens. This will mark the seventh year of this project.

Dr. Steven Garner

Gamblers Never Win

Dear Dr. Garner, I have a real problem. My husband is a compulsive gambler. He’s been this way ever since I met him 35 years ago. He can’t control his behavior. Over the years, he’s lost a lot of money. We never have the means to get the things that our family needs.