Trowel Returned to St. Sebastian After 126 Years

A long-lost piece of the history of St. Sebastian Church has been returned to the parish, thanks to a Woodside resident who found it in his house and brought it to the rectory last month.

Peruvian Community Leads Lord of Miracles Procession

The Lord of Miracles Procession in Lima, Peru — one of the largest Catholic gatherings in the world — was canceled for the second year in a row due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But the tradition persisted faithfully in the Diocese of Brooklyn as hundreds of people turned out for a procession on Oct. 3.

How Pastors Deal With Ebb and Flow of Communion

Holy Communion is a sacred part of the Mass, and pastors in the Diocese of Brooklyn carefully plan how the Eucharist will be distributed to the faithful to make sure the procedure goes smoothly, with no logjams in the church aisles.