Self-Education & Profound Aesthetic Experiences

I think each Catholic should try to create his or her culture, a culture that will foster awe and wonder, a culture saturated with mystery. I think all of us should evaluate our leisure activities.

The Great Adventure In Christendom

Early in Msgr. James P. Shea’s provocative essay, “From Christendom to Apostolic Mission: Pastoral Strategies for an Apostolic Age” (Bismarck, North Dakota: University of Mary Press, pp.94, $13.95), he sketches what he means by Christendom and what he means by Apostolic Mission.

Deep Christendom Faith Commitments

As I have reported previously in this weekly column, one of the most wonderful experiences I had as a parish priest was to be the co-moderator of more than 20 discussion groups.

Inspiring Stories From a Priest on His Commitment

Re-reading Father Joe Kelly’s book, “On Second Thoughts: a Book of Stories” (Omaha, Nebraska: Institute for Priestly Formation, Inc., 2021, $15.00) has been a wonderful experience for me.

The Important Truths Fiction Can Convey

One of my friends tells me that he is much more interested in reading history than he is in reading fiction. I think he feels that there is more truth in history than there is in fiction.

The Beauty of a Heroic Story Offers Redemption

During the last few weeks, writing this series of columns about how we, along with God, freely create our life stories, has helped me understand my own history better.

Creating a Personal Culture Through Your Faith

In last week’s column I tried to suggest the possibility of each person of faith creating a personal religious culture. Trying to be a Catholic in a secular culture is not easy.