The Lord Strengthens us Through our Virtues

Virtues remind us of the ultimate final goal of our life, what is called in philosophy our ‘telos,’ our end — to become like God! Put everything else aside — all of our temporary desires and preoccupation, for what is important is our destiny.

God Wants Our Eternal Salvation

by Father John P. Cush I REALLY CONSIDER myself blessed to have been assigned to Rome for post-graduate doctoral work this past semester. Instead of just reading about Church history, I had the opportunity to live it out in the events of February and March, 2013. The resignation of our beloved Benedict XVI and his final days […]

Encyclical Was the Work of Four Hands

by Father John P. Cush On July 5, the first encyclical of His Holiness, Pope Francis, was released to the world. Entitled Lumen Fidei (in English, The Light of Faith), this document brings to completion the trilogy of encyclicals on the theological virtues begun with Deus Caritas Est in 2005 (on love) and Spes Salvi […]

Kindness and Courtesy Are Rewarded

by Father John P. Cush HERE’S A LITTLE riddle for you: How many people can fit on a bus in the city of Rome, Italy? The answer: always one more! As someone who has lived in Rome for a few years, in my first incarnation as a seminarian and as a newly ordained priest, and […]