Technology and Faith

I once asked some high school students to identify a couple of trees – a birch and an elm – based on pictures of their leaves. They offered a few sheepish guesses: Oak? Maple? They kept guessing.

Faith and Purpose Inspire Action

by Msgr. Joseph P. Calise

MOTHER’S DAY HAS a very interesting history. The idea was first proposed by Ann Jarvis who held a memorial in 1905 for her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, to pay tribute for all she had done to help the wounded on both sides of the Civil War.

Sr. Alice’s Faith Model

Dear Editor: Christians that have stayed true to their faith in life no matter the challenges and storms they’ve been through always should acknowledge their Creator for all their blessings. One can relate to Sister Alice! One does not have to be in any religious order but even being a lay person, Sister Alice showed all of us a model of a Christian life.

Effie Calderola

Spiritual Stroll Through the Cemetery

This summer, my husband and I did something we didn’t do when we lived in Alaska – we took road trips throughout 48 states. And in some of those places we visited cemeteries. On this summer’s trip, since we both love Abraham Lincoln, we stopped at the Gettysburg battlefield – and the cemetery where Lincoln delivered his famous address.

Signs of Faith for Each Other

I IMAGINE THAT readers of this column have attended a First Communion Mass. In my years as a priest, I have attended many. Back in April, I was at a First Communion Mass that moved me to have many thoughts about the Eucharist and about the place it should have in every Catholic’s life. Perhaps […]

Preambles to Faith

First in a series

OFTEN DURING THE Lenten season I decide to read a book that I think will help me observe the season better. This year, I picked a beauty. It is Jesuit Father Michael Gallagher’s “The Human Poetry of Faith: A Spiritual Guide to Life” (New York, Paulist Press, 2003, pp. 142, $12.95). Father Gallagher deals with problems that have been on my mind for years.