Online Platforms Greatly Expand Info for Religious Vocation Candidates 

Just as websites and social media often help people looking for travel spots, colleges, doctors, or neighborhoods, online platforms can also help in spiritual searches. This is especially true for women considering a vocation as a sister when there are more than 400 orders of women religious to choose from in the United States.

Parish’s Live-Streaming Mass Returns to Facebook

Since Jan. 22, Sacred Hearts-St. Stephen parish was unable to “live-stream” its daily Mass on Facebook. The broadcast resumed on Feb. 3., although Facebook had not yet explained why the daily service had been blocked, or how to keep that from happening again.

Have a Question on the Faith? Ask Monsignor Dave

Msgr. David Cassato wears many hats, including pastor of St. Athanasius Church, chaplain for the New York Police Department, and vicar for Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Brooklyn. How about a new title — The Dear Abby of the Catholic Church?

Social Media Censorship Leads To the Rise of Free-Speech App

Disgruntled conservatives, claiming they were targeted while liberals could tweet freely, are flocking to “Parler” — that’s French for “talk.” This new platform claims to be an unbiased home for social networking that honors free speech. Conservative politicians, pundits, and other users tout it as a powerful alternative to longtime platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Zuckerberg Confirms Facebook Blocked Pro-Life Ads

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire after he publicly confirmed that the social media behemoth banned pro-life advertisements during Ireland’s abortion referendum in 2018 — a vote that led to the legalization of abortion in the traditionally Catholic country.