On Corpus Christi, Pope Says Eucharist Offers Immunity From Sadness

On the feast of Corpus Christi, Pope Francis said the Eucharist can heal bad memories that prevent people from being open and accepting God’s love, including memories of past mistakes, of wrongs endured and wounds, making the heart hard and indifferent.

Caribbean Culture, Catholic Faith Celebrated at West Indian Day Parade

Steady rain didn’t stop the celebration of Caribbean culture along Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights on Labor Day. And the Catholic community was near the front of the West Indian Day Parade on Sept. 2 to proclaim their Caribbean Catholic culture and religion and invite others to join them.

The Homily and Eucharist Are Connected

St. Mary Magdalene’s feast day this past year was greeted not only with the sing-ing of the Gloria at Mass, but also with a “Twitter-storm.” Father James Martin — a Jesuit priest who’s one of the most famous and influential priests in the United States — released the following tweet on July 22:

The Center of Who We Are As Church

If the Eucharist is merely a symbol – a nice thing to show community and unity among people – then we, as Catholics, are wasting our time.

An Awesome Experience of Eucharist

BACK IN OCTOBER I had to prepare a Sunday homily on St. Matthew’s Gospel (22: 1-10) about the parable in which the king invites people to a wedding feast for his son but many refuse to come. In my homily, I wanted to help the members of the congregation understand more deeply what we do when we celebrate a Eucharist.

Ordinary Right

This past week, Pope Francis spoke to an Italian liturgical conference and made a definitive statement, with magisterial authority, that the changes to the liturgy from the Second Vatican Council’s document, Sacrosanctum Concilium, are “irrevocable.”

Substance Matters

This past week, at the urging of Pope Francis, the Vatican’s Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, issued an important circular letter about the matter, the bread and wine, used for the Eucharist. This is important and essential information for all churches and chapels in all Roman Catholic dioceses in the world.