Everyone Matters

Once again, we were reminded this past week that we live in a fallen world. The Eric Garner case is, simply put, a tragedy. Whenever anyone loses his or her life in an act of violence, it is a tragedy. It doesn’t matter that Garner is older or younger, black or white, what matters is […]

Religious Leaders to Bridge Police, People

Finding ways to heal and strengthen relations between police and local communities was the focus and goal of a gathering of faith leaders hosted by Cardinal Timothy Dolan at the request of Mayor Bill de Blasio this month.
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio was among a dozen religious leaders from across the city that met privately for two hours inside the cardinal’s Manhattan residence Aug. 21.

Making People Aware

This week, we as a world community witnessed an act of pure, unadulterated evil in the beheading of journalist James Foley by militants of the Islamic State (IS).