Modernization in Saudi Arabia May Help Christians

Last month, Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church held its first-ever Christmas Eve Mass in Saudi Arabia for Coptic Egyptians residing there. Coptic Christians and the Coptic media in Egypt cheered the event as a milestone for those who live in the Persian Gulf and lauded the government of Saudi Arabia for actively heading toward the “horizons of the developed world.” 

Coptics Celebrate the Memory Of Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt

Last week, Coptic Christians in Egypt celebrated the memory of the Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt, when Mary, Child Jesus, and Joseph fled to Egypt to take refuge from the persecution of King Herod, during which they visited more than two dozen places, from Arish through the Delta and Cairo, to Assiut in Upper Egypt.

Advocacy Group Contradicts Egypt’s Rhetoric on Copts

Last January, the Egyptian embassy in Washington D.C. published a document titled “Strengthening National Unity: Religious Freedom and Diversity in Egypt” that claimed great progress in the treatment of Egypt’s Coptic Christians. 

The Naked Truth of Discrimination

After more than four years waiting for justice, an elderly Coptic Christian woman, who was attacked and dragged naked down the street by a Muslim mob in her village in Egypt, feels shock and injustice as the court ruling acquitted the assailants. The acquittal by the Minya Governorate criminal court of three defendants — of a father and his two sons — in December has provoked outrage among Coptic Christians and rights groups.

Focolare Members From Egypt Share Gospel, Urge Unity

Several families of Coptic Catholics from Egypt have settled in Staten Island where they continue their pursuit of the Focolare movement, sharing the Gospel in Arabic and English, urging unity, and welcoming all.