The Inequalities of The Equality Act

The Equality Act of 2021 sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? And yet, the entire act is deeply flawed. It will be a great threat to religious freedom and will codify laws that will force beliefs that are entirely contrary to the Catholic Church’s beliefs on human sexuality and natural law.

Pray for Peace in Our Nation

Pray for peace in our nation. This country is so much greater than a single presidential election. Pray that everyone can be women and men of peace and healing — of reconciliation — and that we can remember that we are called to be good citizens of this realm with our hearts and minds set on the world to come.

Religious Gatherings Are Indeed Essential

On the evening of Oct. 16, Judge Nicholas Garaufis denied the second request of the Diocese of Brooklyn for a preliminary injunction on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order curtailing the number of people who can participate in religious services and attend Mass in communities with high COVID-19 positivity rates.

Unfairly Punishing Our Catholic Schools

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Diocese of Brooklyn has strictly followed all the government orders and regulations to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Tablet’s editorials have supported this course of action every step of the way, but this time is different, and Governor Cuomo should reconsider his decision.

School Openings a Step Toward Normalcy

While school children might be happy about the recent announcement that the New York City public school system will not be opening for in-person classes for several weeks, parents certainly are not pleased with this latest development in the ongoing struggle to re-open our city schools safely for each and every one of our students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Say the Black, Do the Red

Words matter in the celebration of the Sacraments, and every word that the Church gives us in the rituals matters. Sacraments are made up of both matter and form.

Blessed Are the Flexible …

As we enter into a new school year, we are edified by the work done by our Catholic schools and academies; With the passing of Brother Ralph Darmento, FSC, the Diocese as a whole mourns the loss of a man who was dedicated to Catholic education.

A Prayer for Catholic Schools

One of the key worries that many have concerning the next academic year 2020-2021 is whether classes will be conducted on site or online. What is the best solution? This is a question from so many concerning all levels of education. What will school look like in the future? And, in particular, what can and should Catholic schooling look like next year?

The Need to Develop Virtues

Virtues remind us of the ultimate final goal of our life — to become like God! Put everything else aside — all of our temporary desires and preoccupation, and what is most important, in the end, is our final destiny.