Tribute to Det. McDonald

Dear Editor: Thank you for your beautiful editorial comments about our now sorely-missed Detective McDonald.

We Do Not Choose the Hour of Our Death

I recently read Jojo Moyes’ “Me Before You” about a young man, paralyzed in a motorcycle accident who heads off to an assisted-suicide clinic. Society will continue to attempt to convince us that allowing others to express their “right to choose” is a selfless act. Yet the challenge to accept God’s right to choose when we die is much more difficult.

Detective Steven McDonald Was a Saint for Our Times

Santo subito! Sainthood now!

That was the chant when Pope John Paul II’s coffin was carried through St. Peter’s Square. It very well could be our chant as we say goodbye to Detective Steven McDonald.

Det. McDonald Was a Preacher of Forgiveness

Thousands of uniformed members of the New York City Police Dept. lined the streets outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Manhattan, Jan. 13, as the City said farewell to hero NYPD Detective Steven McDonald.

Pray for Det. McDonald

Dear Editor: Please remember NYPDear Editor: Please remember NYPD Steven McDonald in special prayer – his witness at the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants Vigils was very special as he was.