US Bishops Share the Journey with DREAMers

In a one-two punch, Bishop Richard Pates of Des Moines visited detained immigrants in Iowa’s Polk County Jail, Dec. 7, and immediately afterwards, publicly called on Congress to pass the DREAM Act to grant residency to qualified immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as minors.

Immigrants Feel Strength in Numbers at Migration Mass

Regardless of their status under U.S. laws, local immigrants had no question about their status in the Church of Brooklyn and Queens last weekend: They felt welcomed as they came together to share faith in God and unity with each other at the diocesan Migration Day Mass, Nov. 18.

Paul Ryan Praises Catholic Charitable Work, Silent On Immigration at Al Smith Dinner

At a time when the Catholic Church’s relationship with the Trump administration is marked by particular tension over the decision to end the DACA program, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan headlined the 72nd annual Al Smith dinner on Thursday night in Manhattan. The dinner is one of the most prominent fundraising events held by the Catholic Church in the United States.

President Misunderstood

Dear Editor: I think there is some misconception about President Trump’s action regarding DACA.

Bannon Says on DACA, Bishops Are “just another guy with an opinion”

In a recent CBS interview, former White House strategist Steve Bannon lambasted the Church’s support for immigrants and claimed the U.S. Bishops are only interested in their plight in order to fill the pews. Bannon said the bishops are “just another guy with an opinion.”

Cardinal Dolan Says U.S. Bishops United On Immigration and Will Defend DACA

Just hours after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Trump administration would move to end DACA program which protects qualified immigrants from deportation, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York joined forces with a diverse coalition of New York City leaders and activists with a simple message: We will protect you.

Bishops Blast Trump Ax-tion On DACA

The decision was announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and now leaves an estimated 800,000 individuals with an uncertain legal fate, prompting widespread fear and uncertainty among the nation’s immigrant communities and their allies.

Growing Up in America, She Wants to Stay Here

Unconscious, unstable and not breathing was a young man after his family found him attempting to end his own life. His family started CPR and dialed 911 to save what would have been a life span just shy of 22 birthday candles.