Queens Charity Bucks Giving Trend

The organization, which is run by the Sisters of St. Joseph, has seen a steady increase in donations over the last seven years, according to Jeffrey Smith, a development associate at the agency, countering a national trend of less charitable giving. Donations to Hour Children rose 19 percent during a three-year period ended June 2018, the charity said.

Chaste and Charitable

In the wake of scandals that have affected the priesthood and episcopacy that have been so much in view in recent weeks, our attention should once again turn to the role of celibacy and chastity. It is essential for us to come again to a proper understanding of celibacy in the life of the priest and the Church.

Bayside Parish Plants Seeds in Nicaragua

Fifteen missioners, under the guidance of Margaret Brower, arrived Nov. 7 in Nicaragua. Each member had paid his or her own airfare and the team had raised more than $49,000 for the mission.

My Neighbor?

This unique retreat opportunity will offer Fontbonne juniors a point of access to the lives and stories of their neighbors in Brooklyn.

Speaking the Truth Through Charity

Speaking the truth through charity is one of the greatest signs of Christian living. It’s the most powerful message that one can deliver. I’m talking Mother Teresa here. She literally walked the streets of Calcutta with the poorest of the poor, picking them up and giving them comfort. I’m talking St. Damien of Molokai, who served among the lepers of Hawaii, leading to his own death by Hansen’s disease. I’m talking about the many priests and sisters of the diocese who live among the poor and seek no spotlight for their actions.