Now It’s Time to Vote

Dear Editor: Some years ago, my colleague Louis Bolce and I published an article entitled “Our Secularist Democratic Party,” using survey and poll data documenting the drift toward secularism of the Democratic Party. The trend has only been accelerated in recent years.

Informed Catholic Vote

Dear Editor: I am a practicing Catholics living within the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese. I guess one could call me part of the “silent majority.” Like all of your readers, I love Christ and His Church.

Good Catholics Should Be Registered to Vote

Anne D’Antuono sat in the vestibule of Our Lady of Angels Church, Bay Ridge, waiting for the 9 a.m. Mass to finish. On the table in front of her were registration forms for people wanting to vote in the fall but who had not yet signed up.

Catholics: Examine Your Vote

Dear Editor: Election Day is fast approaching. Is there any hope that the Catholics in this diocese will finally wake up and take religion and traditional morality seriously of a change? Two things are necessary: Catholics must turn out like the Orthodox Jews and vote; and they must vote to support the moral values of our Church, traditional values found in the Declaration of Independence, the foundation of our country and its rise to greatness.