DeSales Tech Grant Puts 3,000 iPads into Schools

If you look into a classroom at one of the diocesan academies this fall, you may see the teacher holding a tablet instead of chalk and an eraser. Why? DeSales Media Group, technology and communications arm of the Diocese of Brooklyn and parent company of The Tablet, has arranged for a grant of more than 3,000 iPads to 32 academies.

An Inspirational Mentor

Dear Editor: Gina Krainchich wrote a wonderful letter about Msgr. Michael Dempsey’s impact as the founder of the Catholic Television Network (CTN).

World of Opportunities Await Students, Schools/Academies

Technology has positively impacted education in the Catholic schools and academies in the Brooklyn Diocese with programs for learning, professional development and the expansion of hardware, wiring and wireless access.

Catholic Telemedia Network (CTN)

Catholic Telemedia Network (CTN) supports schools and academies in the Diocese of Brooklyn with digital learning programs, teacher professional development and technology grants that enhance student learning, connect students with the world and prepare them for the future.

Diocesan Educational TV Marks Its 50th Anniversary

Using technology to educate diocesan Catholic school children was the vision behind what is now known as Catholic Telemedia Network when it launched 50 years ago. Times have changed, but the mission remains the same.

It All Adds Up for All Saints Academy in CTN’s Mathbowl

The sixth-grade class at Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy, Fort Greene, has emerged as the first-place winner in the Catholic Telemedia Network’s (CTN) fourth annual MathBowl. After eight days of continuous competition, James Daino’s students proved to be the winners.

Catholic Telemedia Network: 50 Years in Education

This April marks the beginning of the next half century of The Catholic Telemedia Network (CTN). What began with “three holes in the wall” has evolved into 24/7 digital learning services and instructional materials available in and out of school.

St. Rose Academy Tops In Pope Doll Contest

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy won the “Celebrate Family” papal photo project, and the Rockaway Beach school received a big box of treasures to remember Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.