Kids Were Winners When Collars Took on Scholars

Being Editor of The Tablet has taken me to places where I never would have gone. Take for instance last Monday evening when I walked onto the field at MCU Park in Coney Island to umpire the softball game between the Collars and the Scholars.

Catholic Schools Week

“Can you do a backflip?” isn’t the average question that Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio must address, but during Catholic Schools Week, students at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy, Bellerose, got a chance to “Stump the Bishop” with inquiries that showcased their inquisitive innocence and curiosity.

Bishop Massa Visits Floral Park School

The bishop blessed the students and thanked the teachers for their work. Students had been working on decorations all school year and were very proud to finally be able to show off all of their work. He told the students he considered them all family and was excited to meet them.