Supreme Court to Take Case on Abortion Pill Availability

The Supreme Court agreed Dec. 13 to look at a dispute over the availability of a commonly used abortion pill, mifepristone, making it the first abortion case it will hear since its decision overturning Roe v. Wade last year.

Catholic Medical Association Counters Health and Human Services Directive on Emergency Abortions

In response to the Biden Administration’s latest federal health care directive that allows providers to perform abortions in emergency situations, the national Catholic Medical Association (CMA) stated its members are “dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to both the mother and her unborn child without directly compromising either one in the process.”

Frustration Mounts with Shortage of Effective COVID-19 Treatments

Medical science so far has produced three monoclonal antibodies treatments for COVID-19, but only one is effective against Omicron variant. Consequently, the medicine is in short supply worldwide, which is adding frustration to already-overwhelmed doctors.

No Easy Rx For Medical Staff Burnout, Experts Say

Dr. Greg Burke, an internist who is co-director of ethics for the Catholic Medical Association, said stress has been a topic of conversation in the medical profession for years, but that the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it into overdrive.

Medical Experts Say Science Is Proving Pro-Lifers Right 

It’s not just prayer that’s helping the pro-life community make the argument against abortion. According to doctors and leaders of the movement, advances such as the ultrasound are bolstering the pro-life position.