A Reminder of the Church’s Bright Future

Last Sunday, 466 adults from Brooklyn and Queens met with Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio in the auditorium of the former Bishop Ford High School. They came together with their sponsors, families and friends to celebrate the Rite of Election, which is one of the last steps before becoming members of the Catholic Church.

A Crisis in The Church

Dear Editor: Ed Wilkinson’s Sept. 8 column wrongly casts the crisis in the Church in exclusively ideological terms. He attacks the letter of former Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Vigano, which accused many bishops and the Holy Father of failing to act on former Cardinal McCarrick’s history of sexual abuse, as having a “vindictive” tone and accuses him of “throw[ing] so many people under the bus that you just have to question his motives.”

The Church is One

The Church certainly is in a mess right now. The clerical sex abuse scandal and the attempt to protect children have blown into a full-scale civil war of liberals versus conservatives. It’s gone so far that some people are actually calling upon Pope Francis to resign from his office.

Questions Still Surround Papal Accuser’s Role in Neinstedt Probe

In the aftermath of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s sensational claim that Pope Francis knew about misconduct allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in 2013 and ignored them, Archbishop Viganò’s own handling of a sex abuse crisis in the U.S. has come under fresh examination.

‘Father of Christian Rock’ Privately Fascinated With Catholicism

He was dubbed the “Father of Christian Rock,” but his influence and even his fan base was often more among secular musicians and music-lovers than his own tribe. But, for Larry Norman, Jesus was the most counter-cultural subject of all, and that’s what he wanted to write and sing about.

Too Many Changes in Church

Dear Editor: It is truly sad to be living through the results of Vatican II and the sexual revolution that took place in the 1960s and 1970s.

George Weigel

On ‘Owning’ the Church

The question of “who owns the Church” has had a stormy history in Catholic America, although the terms of reference have changed considerably over time.

Challenge to the Church

Dear Editor: We now know from Hillary Clinton’s emails that high-ranking liberal Catholics in the Democratic Party (many formerly worked at the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops) created a group called Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good in order to infiltrate the Catholic Church and cause a “revolution” or “Catholic Spring.”