Sponsor a Gargoyle: New Fundraiser Launched for Notre Dame in Paris

A novel fundraising approach to restore one of the most iconic monuments in the world, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, enables donors to have a piece of history. On April 15, Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris unveiled an interactive website that allows people to donate by adopting or sponsoring pieces of precious art and artifacts that were damaged in a 2019 fire.

Anniversary of Notre Dame Fire Marked Under Shadow of COVID-19 Pandemic

As flames engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral one year ago, two critical moments standout among many of the first responders in Paris: The moment the Crown of Thorns was retrieved from a glass safe in the reliquary and the decision to send 50 firefighters into the north tower to directly fight the blaze.

Post-Fire, No Christmas Midnight Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral

After a fire tore through the 855-year-old global landmark in April, engulfing its roof and iconic spire, the holiday service will be moved to Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois, a nearby church in Paris that has been welcoming parishioners from Notre Dame since September

Season Two Opens for Famed Paris Cathedral, But It’s a Long-Running Show

For centuries, tourists visiting Paris have stopped along the banks of the Seine to gawk at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Now, they pause to consider what could have happened – what almost did happen – five months ago, when a fire nearly brought down the 850-year-old landmark.

Health Concerns Cast Shadow Over Notre Dame Restoration Plans

While the French legislature has agreed that Notre Dame will be restored to its original state, how that restoration will take place and how the interim safety measures will be implemented during that process remain open questions.

French Government Moves Forward on Notre Dame Restoration Plans

Nearly three months after a fire devastated Paris’s famed Notre Dame Cathedral, France’s National Assembly moved closer to enacting legislation to approve the restoration process and timeline for one of the world’s most beloved landmarks.

Notre Dame Cathedral to Celebrate First Mass Since Fire

A small Mass will be celebrated by Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit. According to the Archdiocese of Paris, the Mass will be held “on a very small scale late Saturday,” in a “side chapel with a restricted number of people.”

French Senate Passes Bill for Preservation of Notre Dame’s Original State

After an April 15 fire ravaged the cathedral, resulting in the collapse of its famed spire and rooftop, debate has ensued over whether the restoration efforts would possibly include a modern redesign or whether it will be rebuilt to reflect the last iteration of the 12th century structure.