Catechists Pick Up Ideas, Inspiration At Get-Together

At St. Nicholas of Tolentine’s, at least 200 educators, from parish religious education directors to Catholic school teachers, gathered for a literal and spiritual feeding in the parish hall. They engaged in dinner conversation about their religious education programs, while listening a discussion about how to better lead their classes as catechists.

The Sins Against the Ecology in the Catechism

Dear Editor: The headline (“Styrofoam as a Sin May Be Looming,” Jan. 18) and opening paragraphs of this story are beneath the dignity of The Tablet. I’m thankful that I read through to the inner pages where you finally got serious about the critically important theological reflection about our responsibility for stewardship of God’s creation.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church at 25

JOHN PAUL II called the Extraordinary Synod of 1985 to assess what had gone right and what had gone wrong in two decades of implementing the Second Vatican Council. In Vaticanese, it was styled “extraordinary” because it fell outside the normal sequence of synods. But Synod-1985 was extraordinary in the ordinary sense of the word, too.