Analysis: Reality of the Abuse Scandals Now Seems a Tale of Two Cardinals

Over the last three years, sexual abuse charges against two high-profile and massively influential cardinals have rocked the Catholic Church, and now, seemingly, both stories have reached their conclusions. Cardinal George Pell is a free man, while Theodore McCarrick is laicized and exposed as a cunning manipulator able to hoodwink three papacies until his string finally ran out.

New Cardinals

At the conclusion of his weekly Papal Angelus, on Sunday, Oct. 9, Pope Francis, announced the creation of several new Cardinals from around the world. Among those to be created will be three U.S. Bishops.

Cardinal: Laity Share in the Mission of Evangelization

ST. LOUIS (CNS) – As the role of the laity in the Catholic Church expands, lay ministers have a co-responsibility with their ordained counterparts in furthering the Church’s mission of evangelization, said Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo of Galveston-Houston. The cardinal was the opening speaker at the Lay Ecclesial Ministry Summit June 7-8 in St. Louis. […]