Holy Land Leaders Tell Gazans on Easter: ‘Don’t Lose Hope’

Ahead of Easter, several Church leaders in Jerusalem sent a message to the people of Gaza, assuring them of their closeness and support, telling Gazans not to lose hope, while the Jesuit order insisted they cannot be silent as millions face potential famine. 

Relocation of Palestianians Cannot Be A Solution to Gaza Crisis, US Officials Say

As U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has insisted that Palestinians must not be pressured into leaving Gaza and must be allowed to return to their homes once conditions allow, Christians in the Holy Land worry the Israeli statements may threaten other small communities in the Holy Land, including theirs.

Hundreds Killed in Gaza Hospital Rocket Strike as Both Sides Deny Responsibility

While Christian faithful across the globe prayed and fasted for peace in the Holy Land, a rocket struck the Christian hospital in Gaza City where hundreds of people were being treated, but also where hundreds were taking shelter. U.S. President Joe Biden is on his way to Israel to make a quick visit Oct. 18.

Pope Tells New Cardinals They Are Example of Unity in Diversity

Pope Francis told the 21 new cardinals he created Saturday, who come from all over the world, that their diversity is a gift which must contribute to a unified “symphony” of various but united voices capable of credible evangelization.