Sacramento Latest California Diocese to File for Bankruptcy

Facing more than 250 lawsuits alleging the sexual abuse of minors by clergy and other employees since the 1950’s, the Diocese of Sacramento, California, has filed for bankruptcy as a means to provide compensation to victim-survivors of the abuse.

After Shootings, Sacramento Bishop Says Good Neighbors Can Restore Peace

Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, California, asked people to “invest” in being good neighbors and help restore peace after six people were fatally wounded in the worst mass shooting in California’s sixth largest city, which also left at least 12 people injured April 3.


New York, California Pro-Lifers Push Abortion Alternatives to Help Women

California and New York Catholic conference leaders are emphasizing the need for pro-life advocates to redouble their efforts to advocate for abortion alternatives and walk with pregnant women after politicians in those states announced plans to expand abortion access.