Boomers & Beyond

The Tablet is pleased to present this guide for Baby Boomers in partnership with local providers of health care, legal and financial services. We hope this guide helps your planning for a healthy, prosperous future.

Boomers Are Shifting the Housing Market

As the Boomer population ages and retires, massive shifts in the housing market are to be expected. One current popular trend with these older Americans is manufactured housing in land-lease communities, where homes are placed on leased land and the overall price of the house is lower than other types of homes.

Boomers and Beyond

The Tablet, in collaboration with local businesses and health care providers, presents this special section intended to help baby boomers plan for their future. Click on the links below to read all about it: Fidelis Care offers tips for choosing Medicare Advantage Coverage. Carole Norris Greene writes about the experience many baby boomers face when […]

Understanding Definitions

Estate Planning and Protection of Assets Will A will is a legally binding statement that instructs who will receive property at a person’s death and appoints a legal representative to carry out these wishes. A will only covers probate property and not joint property, trust property or life insurance proceeds. Marital Deduction On the federal […]

BOOM! Baby Boomers Changing the Way We Retire

By Nancy J. Brady, RN, Esq. The generation known as the baby boomers consists of those of us born between 1946 and 1964. At 76 million, we comprise 28 percent of the entire population. Boomers, currently between the ages of 50 and 68, are mostly identified with coming of age during the 1960s, claiming to […]

Nannys for Grannys Is Still a Family Operation

Are you interested in taking the first step in familiarizing yourself with the services of the licensed senior home care agency, Nannys For Grannys? The organization’s job is to provide qualified care givers, CNA’s (certified nursing assistant), HHA’s (home health aid) and PCA’s (personal care aid) for aging parents or loved ones who are confronted with […]

Questions and Answers About Reverse Mortgages

You have seen the TV ads with celebrity spokesmen pitching reverse mortgages. But just what is a reverse mortgage? Who should you talk to? Is it right for you? Yes, Robert Wagner, the “Fonz” and Sen. Fred Thompson are urging you to call for information, but did they give out their personal cell phone numbers? […]

For Family Caregivers, ArchCare is a Blessing

As the continuing care community of the Archdiocese of New York, ArchCare provides nearly 6,000 aging and disabled people each day with the healthcare and other support they need to stay healthy and live safely where they are most comfortable. Just a few years ago, nearly all these people lived in nursing homes. Today, the […]

Bring Together Baby Boomers, Their Parents and Their Parishes

By Carole Norris Greene We baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1965, are in trouble. In increasing numbers, we are attempting to care for an aging parent in our homes, but far too many of us and our parents have not prepared for this financially, physically or emotionally. I am writing about this now because […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Deadline Approaches

Fidelis Care Offers Tips for Seniors Choosing Medicare Advantage Coverage Fidelis Care, the New York State Catholic Health Plan, reminds seniors to carefully consider their healthcare needs when choosing their Medicare coverage for 2015. Medicare 2015 open enrollment ends Dec. 7. Seniors can choose traditional Medicare or a Medicare Advantage product. Commonly known as Part […]