Knight’s Goal: A Statue of Blessed McGivney In Every N.Y. Diocese

Louis Pepe feels he has a special connection to Blessed Michael McGivney, and not just because he’s a long-standing Knights of Columbus member and Father McGivney (1852-1890) was the organization’s founder. He is helping to lead an effort by the Knights of Columbus to have a statue of the founder erected in every diocese in New York State.

Three Models of Priestly Goodness

The Pandemic of 2020 has been hard on every Catholic. Eucharistic fasting for this length of time may remind us what 20th century heroes of the faith in underground Churches endured, and what 21st century confessors in China and elsewhere endure today; and that is no bad thing. Still, it is very, very hard to be the Catholic Church without being a vibrantly eucharistic Church.