St. Joseph Dedicates New Saints’ Cove to Battle Cancer Diagnoses

When Vivian Esposti was waging a 21-month-long battle with pancreatic cancer, a disease that would ultimately take her life, she asked her husband Edward to get a statue of St. Peregrine (the patron saint of cancer patients) for their church, St. Joseph’s. On July 24, Esposti was at the church keeping his promise to his wife.

Louisiana Boat Procession to Highlight Saints Known for Love of Eucharist

The annual Fête-Dieu du Têche in the Diocese of Lafayette takes place on the feast of the Assumption, Aug. 15, and this year’s 40-mile eucharistic procession by boat down the Bayou Têche coincides with the U.S. Catholic Church’s three-year National Eucharistic Revival now underway.

Carlo Acutis Relic Helps Students Strengthen Their Faith

Blessed Carlo Acutis is helping students in the Diocese of Brooklyn grow closer to their faith. Scores of students came to Holy Family Church in Fresh Meadows on Wednesday, April 6 to take part in a prayer rally where they were given the opportunity to venerate a relic of Acutis.

Students’ Rally Honors Rosary and Relic of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Catholic students in Bayside, Queens learned Oct. 7 that candidates for sainthood don’t have to be pious adults who lived hundreds of years ago, but also modern-day kids like themselves and Blessed Carlo Acutis, whose relict hey venerated at a Rosary Rally led by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.