God’s Love Crosses Continents With African/Caribbean Music

Ten years ago, Sophie Nsougan had just immigrated to the United States from Togo in West Africa. While looking to find work, Nsougan took the opportunity to help introduce and integrate the unique sounds of her native country into the Mass at St. Joseph’s Church in Jamaica, Queens. 

At Brooklyn Jesuit Prep, Black History Is a Yearlong Subject

At Brooklyn Jesuit Prep, the portraits of Sister Thea Bowman and Mother Mary Lange that grace the school’s walls aren’t just there for Black History Month. Their portraits, as well as depictions of historical figures like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., are on display throughout the year. 

St. Saviour BHM Event Takes ‘Step’ in the Right Direction

In 1976, 200 years after the United States of America declared independence from Great Britain, then-President Gerald Ford officially recognized February as Black History Month (BHM) across the U.S. The fact that such a milestone in African American history happened only 50 years ago wasn’t lost on the young women who planned, practiced, and then performed at St. Saviour High School’s annual BHM assembly on Feb. 17.

Only In Print: Brooklyn’s Enduring Black Icon

Baseball fans, Brooklynites, and those who chronicle America’s advancements in the civil rights movement of the 20th century have special memories of Jackie Robinson.