Rite of Election Brings Soon-To-Be Catholics Closer to Baptism

Hundreds of people took a big step in her journey to becoming Catholics by taking part in the Rite of Election on Sunday, Feb. 26 — a time-honored tradition that takes place annually on the first Sunday of Lent and signifies the fact that those who are to be baptized — called catechumens — have been chosen, or elected, by the Church. 

Nigerians Here Say They Identify With The Flight of the Holy Family

The Diocese of Brooklyn’s annual celebration of the flight of the Holy Family, a tradition in the Nigerian American community here, took on an added significance this year as participants worried about troubling developments in their home country.

Zeldin to Cathedral Club: How Prayer Helped His Family

When former congressman Lee Zeldin delivered remarks as the keynote speaker at the 123rd annual Cathedral Club of Brooklyn Dinner at El Caribe Country Club in Mill Basin on Thursday, Feb. 2, he wasn’t talking about the power of politics — he was talking about the power of prayer.

Bishop Brennan Learns, Teaches During Catholic Schools Week Visits

During the second day of Catholic Schools Week, students ages 4 to 14 pressed Bishop Robert Brennan to reveal the mysteries of the man who leads the Diocese of Brooklyn, such as what it’s like to talk to Pope Francis, his thoughts about Major League Baseball, and even Italian cuisine.