New Auxiliaries Share Love of the Game

The Diocese of Brooklyn’s two new auxiliary bishops — Bishop Paul Sanchez and Bishop Ray Chappetto — are two passionate men. They are passionate about doing everything in their power to help others and spread the mission of Jesus Christ throughout the diocese. However, the two auxiliaries share another passion: baseball, America’s pastime. From a […]

Bishop Sanchez’s Ordination Turns into a Family Reunion

“God works in mysterious ways.” This famous saying can be seen vividly in the recent episcopal ordination of Bishop Paul Sanchez as one of the new Auxiliary Bishops of the Diocese of Brooklyn. Bishop Sanchez has four nieces – Laura Keady, Eileen Kennedy, Tara Kennedy and Jeannie Kennedy – who are the daughters of his […]

Successors to the Apostles

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, My first week of July was spent with Bishops-elect Raymond Chappetto and Paul Sanchez on retreat.  It has been my custom to make a retreat with those to be ordained to the episcopacy, a canonical requirement for them prior to their day of ordination.  I preached the […]