Diocese Puts Bishop Ford On Road to Sainthood

The public phase in the process to make Brooklyn-born Bishop Francis X. Ford a saint has begun. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio formally announced the opening of the cause at a Mass Dec. 3.

Memories of Bishop Ford

Dear Editor: Thank you for your column on Bishop Francis X. Ford, M.M., (June 6). For some reason as I read the piece I thought “not only does a tree grow in Brooklyn, but a saint, too.” I am sure that there are many, myself included, who know well who F.X. Ford was, as there […]

Cause for Bishop Ford’s Sainthood Moves Slowly

Someday, the late Bishop Francis X. Ford will be declared a saint, but no one thinks it will happen soon. “It’s a moving, alive process,” says Father Raymond Finch, M.M., the Brooklyn-born Superior General of Maryknoll. “Now, can I tell you exactly where and how long it’s gonna be? Can’t. Different things happen at different moments, some steps are taken and some steps take a little longer.”