Advocate for the Disabled

Dear Editor: As we remember all of the great things which Bishop Daily accomplished, let us never forget the love he had for people with all disabilities. He instituted a wonderful advocacy program which sought to make all of our churches and surrounding buildings accessible to people with all disabilities.

Frank DeRosa

Bishop Daily’s Pastoral Visit to Ground Zero

by Frank DeRosa

The passing of Bishop Thomas V. Daily evoked fond memories among all who knew him. Msgr. Ralph J. Maresca and Father Vincent E. Daily poignantly recalled their own thoughts in their touching homilies at the Mass of Transferral and the Mass of Christian Burial, respectively.

Living With Bishop Daily Always Was an Adventure

Msgr. Michael J. Hardiman, pastor of St. Patrick Church, Bay Ridge, recalled Bishop Emeritus Thomas V. Daily as a “good man and a great role model. He was one of my best teachers,” he said.

Knights of Columbus Pay Tribute to Former Chaplain

Fourth-degree Knights of Columbus stood guard during the public viewings in Brooklyn and Douglaston for the late Bishop Emeritus Thomas V. Daily, and members attended the funeral in force for their brother Knight. Bishop Daily joined the order in 1952, and served as supreme chaplain from 1987 to 2005.

A Major Presence in Douglaston

When Bishop Thomas V. Daily retired in 2003 because of age limitations, he moved to Bishop Mugavero Residence, part of the Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston.

Bishop Daily Interred in Douglaston

During three days of tributes and farewells, the late Bishop Emeritus Thomas V. Daily was remembered as a missionary priest who was devoted to the Eucharist, the Blessed Mother, and the people, especially the poor and the downtrodden of the diocese.