As a Culture Loses Heart, Pro-Life Unity Can Still Heal

The Biden administration’s Department of Justice has sued Texas to shut down a pro-life law, the Texas Heartbeat Act, which prohibits women from receiving an abortion after the baby’s heartbeat is detected.

The Last Time the World Changed Forever

The world as we know it has changed forever. We’ve heard that statement repeatedly since COVID-19 took root and spread around the world.

In The Worst of Times, The Church is There

Wherever news is made that signals the need to alleviate human suffering — Afghanistan, Haiti, the latest efforts to rein in COVID-19, the rapid responses to aid victims of Hurricane Ida, and more — there is an accompanying story: The Catholic Church is there with a compassionate, effective infrastructure of service.

For Many, the Horror of Afghanistan is Not Over

What we have witnessed in Afghanistan over the past few weeks is a nightmare. Yes, the United States has been in Afghanistan for far too long, and the lives of countless young American men and women have been lost in the defense of a nation so far from our shores.

Pope’s Surgery a Reminder to Thank God for Gift of Health

There are a few lessons that one can take from the event of the Holy Father’s hospitalization — illness can come to anyone, everyone needs to take care of their personal health, and we need to keep each other in prayer.

Catholicism and America’s Celebration of Its Freedom

As we celebrate Independence Day, perhaps we should think about the role that our nation plays in the world and if our country’s quest for freedom and liberty is compatible with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

A Diocesan Priest Was Out Front in The Quest for Religious Freedom

We have seen the fight for religious freedom recently here at home. The Diocese of Brooklyn sued to get fair treatment in regards to capacity limits so that the faithful could safely attend Mass when many retail stores were allowed to operate at what appeared to be full capacity.

Cabrini Statue a Fitting Honor For the First American Saint

For all these reasons, we are blessed by the dedication of the statue of Mother Cabrini in Carroll Gardens. We know that she is one of the many great women that built New York City and we hope to get more people to know all about her!