The Drama of Evolution

I am amazed that even today many people believe that science and theology contradict one another. I am also amazed at the number of people who believe that to know some reality in the best and most profound way is to know it scientifically. To know a reality scientifically is wonderful but it is also wonderful to know a reality philosophically, theologically, or poetically.

Museums Slowly Come Back to Life, Make Changes Amidst Pandemic

New York City museums and other cultural institutions began operating once again on Aug. 24, under New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Phase 4 reopening plan. Since then, many museums have curtailed occupancy to a 25-percent capacity, issued timed-entry reservations online with staggered, in-person entry times, controlled foot traffic flow, and limited days and hours of operation.

Only in Print: The Ghost of Pandemics Past: Living Art and How it Was Influenced

Artists have always depicted real-life moments, illustrated interpretations, and expressed emotions through their mediums, allowing viewers to observe and ponder the subject matter before them. Brother Geoffrey Clement, an expert in medieval history, emphasized every piece of art is a reflection not only of the artists, but of the culture, mentality, and time in which they were produced.

Catholic Creatives Spread the Gospel Through Beauty

Catholic Creatives was started by Catholic publisher Our Sunday Visitor in 2014, with the goal of bringing young Catholics artists together to try energize the church with their creative talent.

Iconic Mural Sold by New York Catholic Parish

One of Manhattan’s most LGBT-friendly Catholic parishes has sold off a mural painted by the famed pop artist Keith Haring, who died at age 31 from AIDS, for $3.9 million – a sale that its pastor hopes will ensure the doors of the church are open to everyone for many more years to com

Everything Happens for a Reason

As a teen in this modern-day society, it gets increasingly difficult to maneuver around one’s day-to-day life. It is plastered all over the media how teens and youth in general, constantly come toppling down on their cracked support systems.

Some Great Works of Christian Art in New York

It is only natural that when we think of Christian art, we immediately imagine a late medieval, gothic European cathedral. But some great works of Christian art can be found right here in New York City.