Archdiocese of New York Names Nun New Superintendent of Schools

The Archdiocese of New York announced Monday, March 27, that it has hired Sister Mary Grace Walsh, ASCJ, as its new superintendent of schools, effective when current superintendent Michael Deegan retires at the end of the academic year after decades of service.

NYC Woman’s Mid-19th Century Letter Asks Pope for ‘Salvation of Blacks’

On Oct. 29, 1853, Harriet Thompson took pen to paper, wrote a letter to the pope, and started a fight for equality for blacks in the Catholic Church. Thompson was unhappy with the treatment she and her fellow African Americans were receiving not only from society but from the Church as well.

From New York to El Salvador, Prayers for Peace at Mass for St. Romero

At the end of one of the bloodiest weekends in the history of El Salvador, which resulted in mass incarcerations and the suspension of personal freedoms in the Central American nation, Salvadoran Catholics gathered March 27 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York to honor the country’s saint, who defended life and human rights.