Mercy of Christ in Annulment Process

By simplifying and accelerating the annulment process, the Holy Father has acknowledged that many people yearn to experience the mercy of the Lord by seeking a declaration of the nullity of their marriage, a marriage which was null from the start, and beginning a new life. This reform of the process is not to favor the nullity of marriage but rather to speed the process for the declaration of nullity if, indeed, that is the truth of the situation.

Francis Simplifies the Annulment Process

Rewriting a section of the Latinrite Code of Canon Law and of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches, Pope Francis said he’s not “promoting the nullity of marriages,” but a quicker, cheaper and much more pastoral process.

Pittsburgh Drops Fees for Annulments

“I know that the fee has stood in the way for many who are in need of an annulment,” said a letter from Bishop David A. Zubik of Pittsburgh to Catholics in his diocese.

Pope Says Annulments Should Be Free of Charge

Pope Francis, addressing the Vatican tribunal primarily responsible for hearing requests for marriage annulments, said: “How I wish that all processes were free.”