It’s Advent, a Time to De-Clutter for Christmas

That’s why we have Advent. It aids us in the process of spiritual de-cluttering by giving us time. Waiting for Christmas is precious and is necessary, no matter how rushed the media wants us to feel about our holiday

Upcoming Advent Prayer Opportunities

Sister Ave Clark, O.P., will lead an Advent Evening of Prayer, Dec. 4, 7:30 p.m. at Holy Family Church in Flushing. Call 718-428-2471.

There’s Plenty to Do While We Wait

The preparation time of Advent is a time of longing and expectation. It is a time when we should give ourselves a little extra time for prayer and meditation. Those times may be the fitful times when we wait in different circumstances, times when we would rather not wait.

At Jamaica Parish, It’s Been an Angelic Advent

Heavenly angels heralded the birth of Jesus, and at Immaculate Conception Church in Jamaica Estates, homemade angels are doing the same this Advent season – joyfully preparing parishioners to receive Christ into their hearts and homes.

Christmas Spirit Is Back In Grand Army Plaza

The initiative started three years ago when Father Michael Perry, pastor of Our Lady of Refuge, Flatbush, noticed that the Christmas tree that once adorned Grand Army Plaza was replaced with cones of lights

Carol Powell

For What Are We Preparing This Advent?

Once again, the Church year has begun with the season of Advent. This is a time of hope, of preparation, of expectation. Despite all past mistakes – globally, nationally or personally – we can open ourselves to a spiritual renewal. We are reminded once again that the coming of God into the world through Christ did not happen in a perfect world.

Sister Karen Cavanagh

In What Direction Are We Going?

Here we are at Advent’s door and we hear a clear call, an imminent command to turn to God and away from injustices.