Who Is My Brother?

Dear Editor: Am I my brothers’ keeper? It seems unthinkable that we are not moved by the death of 17 young people in Parkland, Fla.

Faith on Downward Spiral In a ‘Post-Catholic’ Ireland

In two months time, voters in Ireland will head to the polls to decide whether to liberalize the eighth amendment – the Republic of Ireland’s constitutional provision that grants an equal right to life to unborn children and pregnant women, which was established in 1983 and effectively banned abortion within Ireland.

Irish Gov’t Sets Vote That Could Legalize Abortion

The Irish government announced it will hold a referendum in late May asking citizens whether they want to retain or delete the constitutional article that provides for the equal right to life of the mother and her unborn child “with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother.”

Modern Twist to Nativity in Borough Park

This week’s Tablet TALK offers opportunities to get a fresh start in this new year and highlights those who have made significant achievements.

Pro-Choice Is Pro-Abortion

Dear Editor: Letter writer Tom Morano (Oct. 7) has some good points as to why he supports certain persons for public office. These are issues that should have universal concern. But what he misses in his opinion is that abortion is the killing of a human baby.

How to Vote Pro-Life

Dear Editor: I found the opinion of Robert Tillman (Sept. 16) regarding Catholics who support politicians who are pro choice (or as he incorrectly labels “abortionists”) to be extremely simplistic.