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Tablet Forum on C.S. Lewis

The writings of C.S. Lewis will be the topic of the next Tablet Forum to be held at Christ the King R.H.S., Middle Village, on Friday, Nov. 1, at 7 p.m. A film on the writings and life of the noted Christian convert will be explored in a film, followed by a talk by James Como, chairman and professor of the Department of Performing and Fine Arts at CUNY’s York College, Jamaica. He has written three books on C.S. Lewis.

Tickets are free and can be ordered by sending your name and address to ewilkinson@desalesmedia.org.

C.S. Lewis’ most widely read books are his theological apologetics for the Christian faith. He also is known for his theological fantasy titled “The Screwtape Letters” and for “The Chronicles of Narnia,” which recently has been made into a popular movie series.