Letters to the Editor

Superstars or Saints

Dear Editor: In answer to the article on the Youth Page (Nov. 25) about the football players taking a knee to in support of “Black Lives Matter,” I would first like to ask how many of these football players have ever taken a knee to protest Planned Parenthood, and supported the yearly March for Life where every life matters? Have they taken a knee to protest abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide? Have they taken a knee to protest the destruction of stores and/or killing of all the innocent police officers in pay back for what someone else did? Have they taken a knee to stop child trafficking, which is most prominent during the Super Bowl where young girls and boys are sexually abused?

As for the unhappy fans, they are using their First Amendment Right also by boycotting the games, not purchasing season tickets. Why? Because they are supporting our military, where many of our men and women have given much more than one knee to keep our country free from a dictator. Many have given two knees and/or arms, many have given their lives. For those who do not love and respect our flag or country, there is nothing holding any of them here in the United States. There would be thousands waiting in line to trade places with them.

Sports superstars should be like our superstar saints, doing all they can to love and respect the lives of everyone, helping everyone and spreading love and pride in our country and flag, not setting bad examples to the rest of the world and causing more unrest among people of every color.