Staubach Celebrates 50th Heisman Anniversary

Roger Staubach (Public Domain Photo)
Roger Staubach (Public Domain Photo)

It’s been 50 years since Roger Staubach, the devout Catholic quarterback of the U.S. Naval Academy’s, Annapolis, Md., football team, won the 1963 Heisman Trophy.

He and his family visited New York City for the first time that year, and former Heisman Executive Director Rudy Riska showed them around.

The family enjoyed a Broadway show and saw the sights, but they made it a point to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Staubach has been forever grateful to Riska’s commitment to the historic trophy.

“Rudy is the glue that has kept the Heisman Trophy together,” said Staubach, who went on to enjoy a Hall of Fame football career with the Dallas Cowboys. “He is the link that keeps all the winners together. He is a great guy with a tremendous respect for the Heisman Trophy and what it stands for.”