Letters to the Editor

Stand Up to Bigotry

Dear Editor: In Mexico, Nigeria, other areas of Africa and other countries in the world priests and other Catholics are being killed just because they are Catholic. Many people from these countries keep asking for prayers on Facebook. Many are friends with us.

We are seeing faces of the people killed; we are seeing young men being sold as slaves and many of our friends know they are putting their lives on the line by sharing these horrors with us. Why are there no marches being planned to save the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are killed in these countries, just because they want to believe in Christ?

Why isn’t the media speaking out about all the horror taking place all over the world? Aren’t any reporters working in any of these countries anymore? Why are so many Catholics here still voting for people who are ignoring what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Christ? Why are so many voices remaining silent or ignoring these facts?

Hopefully all these countries are being prayed for at every Mass and at every recitation of the Rosary, but why aren’t we the people writing to our Representatives and/or to the UN demanding answers and a stop to this unjust treatment of our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Why is the Catholic vote still going to the Representatives who do not care about Catholics all over world? Isn’t it time for us to stop remaining silent and letting others destroy what we have been trying to build up all over the world?

Why are we allowing our schools, nursing homes, hospitals to be closed one after the other?

We are being attacked and yet people remain blind and are still voting in those who would wipe the name of the Trinity and the Blessed Mother off the face of the Earth.

Sadly, those of other religions are helping them to do so with their votes and silence. When will people realize that today they will be destroying what Catholics have tried to build up for centuries? Which religious group will be next?

We can all pray for world peace, but that is not enough. We must open our eyes, write letters and change our voting habits if our voices remain unheard and constantly pray for goodness to overcome evil in our world.



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