Letters to the Editor

Stand for the Anthem

Dear Editor:  Why are many pro football players choosing to kneel rather than stand during the playing of our National Anthem? If they want to protest our country’s policies, there are certainly other peaceful ways to do so, of which they have every right but never should they not show respect for our National Anthem.

These latest actions taken by athletes, mostly football players, but also athletes from other sports only started a couple of years ago, and before then this type of action at any sports event was unheard of and never ever happened.

It is time for these athletes who insist on kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem to stop this action, and stand with their heads held high and their hands over their hearts and show respect for the country that is called America.

If they are so unhappy living here, then maybe they should pack their bags and head elsewhere. There is absolutely no room for blatant disrespect toward our flag and country by anyone here, athletes and non-athletes alike, by refusing to stand during the National Anthem and salute our flag, for which so many men and women have fought for and some of who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Fresh Meadows

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